VIN are pleased to announce that they have been successful in securing funding for a Project Officer to facilitate the development and establishment of a VCSE Assembly for Northamptonshire.

The Assembly will be the “one voice” vehicle that provides the means for VCSE organisations, throughout Northamptonshire, to meet and exchange information, ideas and good practice. Hence creating a mechanism to respond to the needs of the VCSE sector and to provide opportunities for joint working.

The Assembly will aim to enable individual voices, from VCSE sector organisations to have more influence through collective representation, to provide mutual support and to combine energy, ideas and resources.

The development of the Assembly will help us to bring people together and build strong relationships so that we are able to create more robust communities across the county. It will enable and facilitate community capacity building through: communication and information provision; representation and awareness; influence and policy development; cross sector working, and; networking and mutual support.

The Assembly will be developed using a ‘test and learn’ approach. We have commissioned independent research from Sheffield Hallam University to work alongside us during the project.

In the first instance a Steering Group will be created and it is this group that will own and drive the development and establishment of the Assembly alongside the facilitation of the Project Officer. If you have any queries relating to the Assembly please contact Kerri Marshall-Duckett:

The Northamptonshire VCSE Assembly has launched

An online launch event was held on 13th November, with over 50 participants.

You can listen to the event here: Northamptonshire VCSE Assembly launch – YouTube

The idea came from several organisations, in the voluntary and social enterprise sector (VCSE), recognising that jointly, one voice would be the best way of getting heard and making a difference across Northamptonshire. By bringing people together to share their knowledge, expertise and passion we will build stronger relationships which will enable the creation of robust and resilient communities.

With the two new Unitary councils forming in April 2021, we know that a collaborative voice will be the best way to face the new challenges and present a united front.

The Northamptonshire Assembly is yours so please join us to make it stronger.  Together we can add value to the VCSE sector in a cohesive way.


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The Northamptonshire VCSE Assembly has launched

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